Advice for LMS Vendors

LMS Vendor Eyes Only: 10 Tips to Boost Sales


With almost 700 LMS vendors in the world, competition for every sales opportunity is fierce. I know because I spent 13 years selling learning management solutions. For the last 2.5 years, I have leveraged that software sales experience as an [...more...]

For LMS Vendors: Dispatch from the Front Lines


  Ernest Hemingway is my favorite author.  I’ve read all of his books multiple times.  One of the best is “By-Line” which is a compilation of actual news reports he wrote from the front lines as a war correspondent in the Spanish Civil [...more...]

Buying an LMS? 110 Acronyms You Should Know


I am an independent learning technology selection consultant and I help my clients buy the right learning management system (LMS) for them based on their business needs.  In a recent article I wrote about conducting better LMS demonstrations, I [...more...]

15 Tips To Up Your LMS Demo Game And Win Rate


For LMS vendor eyes only… When I was an LMS sales guy, I personally demoed or watched a solution architect demo the same two LMSs an average of three times a week for 13 years.  In the last 12 months as lead analyst and an LMS selection [...more...]

LMS Vendor Eyes Only: Getting Past First Base


I’m an instructional technologist who sold learning management systems, focusing on the extended enterprise, for over 13 years.  I worked for two major LMS companies and both had LMS systems primarily designed for internal employee training with [...more...]

You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase


When I told my wife my first Talented Learning blog post would be something involving the old quote “Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” she immediately quipped “That’s original.” Lack of creativity on my first post is an [...more...]