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Are you an LMS buyer or seller, looking for reliable, independent insights to move your agenda forward? Then you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at what our CEO and Lead Analyst John Leh <link to a new, dedicated page for John, TBD by KK> has done for others — and is ready to do for you, too!

For LMS Buyers


There’s a lot at stake when you choose a learning platform. Why leave the results to chance? With more than 700 solutions available today, it pays to rely on an informed, trusted advisor who knows how to find the best fit for your learning needs.

Find out how we help organizations at every stage of the technology selection lifecycle — from developing a business case and defining requirements to evaluating vendors and negotiating a deal. Learn more…

For LMS Sellers

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It’s tough to be a learning platform vendor in today’s environment. With hundreds of vendors vying for customers, and innovative new players constantly changing the landscape, it’s hard to gain visibility and momentum in any niche. Even worse, it’s easy to find your company pitted time and again against the same small group of dominant competitors with similar solutions, more customers, longer histories, broader market exposure and cheaper pricing.

Talented Learning can help you shake-off that “me too” perception, so you can gain a competitive edge and beat Cornerstone. Find out how…

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