Services for LMS Buyers

Buying an LMS without reliable insight is like trying to steer a rudderless ship through uncharted waters. If you’ve tried to go it alone, you know the struggle is real!

More than 700 diverse learning platforms are available today.  Cutting through all the marketing noise and making sense of rapidly evolving technology is nearly impossible without a trusted guide. That’s where Talented Learning comes in.  We help LMS buyers make better buying decisions — faster, easier and with greater confidence.


Our CEO and Lead Analyst, John Leh, <link to a new, dedicated page for John, TBD by KK> is a trusted LMS industry veteran with over 22 years and $65 million-worth of frontline experience in buying and selling complex learning solutions. Since 2014, John has devoted himself exclusively to identifying and reviewing the strongest LMS solutions in multiple categories — and his mission continues today.

As the founder of Talented Learning, John has helped dozens of organizations efficiently pinpoint, evaluate and select the best LMS for their unique needs. So whatever LMS buying services you require, you can rest assured that our industry expertise, business knowledge, common sense and ongoing in-depth research will guide you every step of the way. Choose the level of involvement that makes sense for you, and we’ll schedule a “getting started” call at your convenience!

1) “Concierge” LMS Buying Advisory Services

Do you need an expert’s perspective to resolve specific LMS purchasing questions or concerns? Now you can pay by the hour for consulting on-demand! Get the precisely the kind of strategic advice you want, backed by actionable analysis. John is known for efficiently and effectively assessing key issues, and answering questions simply, clearly and honestly.

In this capacity, John helps clients with these business challenges and more:

  • Developing a business case
  • Estimating LMS ROI
  • Clarifying or prioritizing LMS requirements
  • Validating vendor choices
  • Explaining LMS licensing/pricing
  • Strategies for content development or migration
  • Planning an effective LMS rollout

2) “Short List” LMS Recommendation Services

Why waste your time and money struggling to qualify 700 possible learning solutions, instead of evaluating truly qualified vendors? Fast-forward your LMS selection process with a methodology that helps you focus on learning platforms that actually fit your needs. Based on your input, we’ll define critical requirements and recommend 5 vendors that match your precise learning objectives and business scenario.

3) “Total Package” LMS Buying Services

<Link to a new dedicated service page in the LTC. Perhaps this page needs to indicate that, because each full-scale purchasing journey is unique, you price those projects within a particular range. Then ask for them to contact you (and perhaps ask them for some initial scope-of-work info, to begin the dialog?>

Do you lack bandwidth or expertise to shoulder the LMS buying process? Why not hire a smart, dedicated consultant who can lead the way and drive every detail? From requirements specifications and RFP development to vendor evaluation, selection and contract negotiations, we’ve got you covered.  You can rely on John to manage every step effectively, and find an LMS that works for you — without costly missteps or delays.

4) Not Sure What LMS Buying Services You Need?

We’ll help if we’re able. If not, we know someone who can. To schedule a free 30-minute preliminary consultation with John Leh, submit the form below:

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